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Tennis school

The Sporting Club Sassuolo Tennis School has been recognized as the “TOP SCHOOL” since 2014, the highest level of the five Tennis school typologies.

Being a “Top School” means having sports facilities and experts aimed to ensure a high-level didactic methodology to teach all stages of the training path. The Sporting Club offers tennis courses all year round, for all the levels, from Tennis School, to competitive and even professional.

The Sporting Club Sassuolo takes part in all the tennis team championships, among which the male A1 Serie, a competition between the 16th best Italian team. Moreover in 2022, with a team composed largely by students of the competitive sector, reached the men’s Serie A2 becoming the only club in Italy to compete both in the A1 series and in the A2 series, as well as having the female team in B1.

Foto Tennis top school

Thanks to the work and dedication that distinguishes our staff, Sporting is now among the best schools in Italy.

Locandina del progetto Wheelchair

The Wheelchair project

The Wheelchair project has been operational since 2022, with the establishment of the wheelchair tennis school.
This is an important development project in the sports field, which we consider "noble" and fundamental to the corollary of the social mission.

The wheelchair is usually experienced as a representation of the condition of motor disability, sport plays a fundamental role to break down barriers, not only physical but above all mental.

Tennis is one of the fastest growing wheelchair sports in the world, suitable for those who have a permanent or substantial loss of functionality in one or both legs. Athletes can compete in singles or doubles in matches at the best of three sets.

The mission of this project is noble: "Affirm the social function of sport and tennis club”.

Locandina del progetto Pro

The PRO project

The PRO project is the new branch of development that aims to raise the quality of teaching methods, from school to professionalism.

Since the quality is made by people we have introduced professional figures with international experience: Francesco De Laurentiis, Head Coach of the project, Federico Buffagni, Tennis Coach and Stefano Ramponi, physical trainer of the “Pro" athletes.

Also thanks to this project, in addition to the work done in recent years, many results are coming including the victory of the Italian Scudetto for the men’s Under-16 training in 2021, the National Final Four for men’s Under 12 and the first ATP points won by athletes of the project.

In 2022, the PRO Project identified a new goal called "N10", with the mission to generate high-level professional players.
To this day, have been selected ten profiles of students of national interest, who currently train in our sports facilities, together with our coaches, with specific and personalized preparation methods: field and classroom workouts, technical video analysis, tactical and biomechanics, mental coach, nutritional preparation and material analysis.

The aim is to maximize the level of performance of each athlete to create high-level professional players over the next ten years.


Inside a fixed lamellar structure we find four fields covered in boltex, usable during all year.


The six outdoor red clay courts are the real beating heart of the club. During the winter, two of the five clay fields are covered by a pressostatic structure to enable their use.


The Club also has two fields in Play-It, also covered seasonally to allow use throughout the year.


In the second half of 2022 the Padel area was inaugurated with four playgrounds, including two indoor fields, where a growing path of this sport will be developed, structuring a padel school and developing federal events.

It is a development of sports facilities and accommodation which will follow the organizational part until the structuring of a padel school and the development of federal events.

Padel has been an exponentially growing discipline in the last few years, an easy sport, therefore fun from the start, which can be practiced by people of different ages, sex, technical and physical conditions. It will be a reason for fun or simply an opportunity to meet and "hangout" at the club.