The Sporting Club attends the UISP Championship of the province of Modena in the Excellence category, led with excellent results by our Coach and member Domenico Aldrovandi.

During the year are organized Courses of Deepening of the football gesture for children who want to improve; the course is conducted by qualified coaches.

Other annual events have as guests emblazoned football teams that relay on our club for training or non-competitive matches.



As Sporting Club Sassuolo we promote and spread the culture of fitness with activities organized throughout the year.
The gym is open all year round and it is possible to be followed by our qualified personal trainers.

From September until summer there are accessible group courses followed by instructors of spinning, g.a.g., mathwork pilates, skiing preparation, yoga and courses of soft gymnastics for the elderly.
During summer in the pool area the courses are organized by Dogali.


Cycling team

Sportig Club Sassuolo, to pursue the mission of promoting and spreading the sport practice, supports Sportingbike’s team, born thanks to the initiative of some members who wanted to create a group united by the same passions. The number of members is always growing as well as the number of collegiate outings; in 2021 the number of 83 members was reached among street cyclists and off-road bikers lovers.

The Sporting Club is affiliated to the Amibike (the Association that provides the training to technicians related to this discipline as teachers, carers, bike guide, mechanic in the national territory) and has been recognized as a National Centre to carry out training activities and organize courses / internships for all fans.


Swimming school

In the swimming pool area, opens from May till the end of September, there are two pools: a playful one with relaxation paths in which you can laze and a semi-Olympic one with swimming length.

During the opening season is possible to attend swimming courses for beginners.

Foto pizzeria nel bar della piscina
Foto dello Sporting Triathlon Team, squadra di Triathlon dello sporting


The Sporting Club Sassuolo is associate with FITRI: Federazione Italiana Triathlon.

Thriathlon is a sport that includes three proven disciplines like swimming, cycling and running, combined together without any solution of continuity between them in a single test. The athletes must pass from a race to another without taking a brake, demonstrating excellent conditional capabilities like strength and resistance.

The Sporting Triathlon Team has intensified the attendance at the competitions and collective training sessions during 2021. Numerous “ GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE ” races have been made in which the members of the team participated.
In 2022 the number of members of the team increased, confirming triathlon as an emerging sport on the international scene.